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报告题目() Recent progress on orthogonal arrays

报告时间:2024419日 15:40-16:30




报告摘要: An orthogonal array of index unity, order v, degree k and strength 3, or an OA(3,k,v) in short, is a k×v3 array on v symbols and in every 3×v3 subarray, each 3-tuple column vector occurs exactly once. Few results are known about the existence of an OA(3,k,v) for k>4. In this talk, we introduce a new combinatorial structure called 3-dimensions orthogonal complete large sets of disjoint incomplete Latin squares and use it to obtain some new infinite classes of OA(3,k,v)s for k=5,6.

报告题目() Constructions and bounds of placement delivery arrays

报告时间:2024419日 16:30-17:20




报告摘要:Coded caching scheme, which is an effective technique to reduce the load during peak traffic times, has recently become quite popular among the coding community. A placement delivery array can be used to design a coded caching scheme. In this talk, we introduce some construction methods and bounds of placement delivery arrays.